Intermar Energy and Investment Inc.

Independent international trader of crude oil and petroleum products
Our competence is based on more than 25 years of experience in international trading and marketing, ensuring reliable supply for our clients.

Crude Oil and Petroleum Products

Physical oil trading and marketing is our core business. By cooperating with our worldwide partners we provide logistic, insurance and inspection services for oil commodities.

Consulting Services

We provide consulting and project development services related to commodity trading, coal mining and power supply.


Our experienced employees and affiliated companies are engaged in the planning and construction of infrastructure systems for crude oil transportation.



Energy Trading Services

Our core business is crude oil trading with focus on the CIS and Middle East region. Intermar is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and holds worldwide representations. Through many years of experience in trading, our crude team has developed an intense understanding of today's and tomorrow's market. We are in the position of evaluating chances and risks, analyze tomorrow's markets and to react fast due our lean organizational structure. Facing energy demands of tomorrow we are also specialised in producing and wholesaling of Bio-Ethanol and Bio Diesel.


Asset Management

German Oil Trading GmbH invests in mid- and downstream projects. GO is a subsidiary of InterMar and manages assets of associated companies within InterMar. The company invests in the areas of mid and down stream oil business with focus on tank farm, transport, and refinery projects. GO provides with its financial and operative administration services opportunities for investors to invest in oil infrastructure projects.


Infrastructure Services

Exploring new transport capacities for efficient access of Russian crude oil towards northwestern European markets InterMar is planning the construction of a new crude oil pipeline. For this project the Trans-European Pipeline AG (TEP AG) is in the course of formation and acts as the project development company. Major tasks of TEP AG are the technical and financial planning and coordination of pipeline construction. The company is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. For local pipeline operations TEP AG will establish regional subsidiaries in the participating countries.



Significance of the Project

- Oil will remain the most important energy source in the foreseeable future.
– The worldwide demand is widely expected to rise steadily.

- The outlook for Russian crude oil export anticipates a constant rise within the next 25 years.

Our aim is to secure the energy supply with new ways of transportation under the lens of economical and environmental aspects. According to official figures the traffic of crude vessels in the Baltic Sea, Black and Mediterranean Sea will increase considerably within the next ten years and will constitute a substantial risk to the environment. The “Trans-European Pipeline Project” is regarded to a reasonable alternative for increasing maritime oil transportation and is therefore also supported by the European Commission.

Project Information

An efficient way of transporting Russia’s increasing crude oil exports towards western markets is the construction of a new pipeline. InterMar and its affiliated company TEP AG (i.G) plans the construction of a new crude oil pipeline parallel to the existing Druzhba pipeline system from the Russian-Belarusian border via Belarus, Poland and Germany towards the deep-water port Wilhelmshaven. The “Trans-European Pipeline Project” is designed to create an additional outlet for Russian crude oil with the destinations of Germany, Western Europe and Atlantic bordering countries. The pipeline is designed to transport Russian crude oil quantities of up to 50 million tons per year towards Wilhelmshaven. This option entails an investigation into a new-built tank farm and a new berth for large deep-seagoing tanker vessels in Wilhelmshaven. In addition to the “Trans-European Pipeline Project”, the integration of the planned Odessa-Brody pipeline extension towards Plock into the Druzhba-Pipeline is currently in discussion. This would allow transportation of additional Caspian crude oil volumes of up to 25 million tons per year towards Wilhelmshaven.

Benefits of the Project

The extension of the Druzhba pipeline from Schwedt to Wilhelmshaven has the advantage of using the deep water port of Wilhelmshaven for the import of crudes from Russia – Arctic drilling projects -Libya, Nigeria, Middle East Countries. This operation guarantees the security of the crude supplies to East Germany, Poland, Ukraine, etc. in the near future.



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